Robyn | Do You Really Want Me

Do you really want me? Am I really special? Yes you are dear. Do You Really Want Me was originally released in Sweden in 1995, the second single from Robyn Is Here. The track is usually touted as being her 'breakthrough' in Sweden, as début single You've Got That Somethin' only peaked at #24 on the charts, whereas Do You Really Want Me? sailed all the way up to the #2 spot. Three years later, the single was treated to a host of new remixes and released in the UK. For the subesequent US release, the more 'urban'-sounding QD3 Edit was used as the main radio mix, and a brand new video was filmed. Featured here are all the remixes from the UK 2-CD set.

01 Do You Really Want Me (Daddy C's Mekka Mix)
02 Do You Really Want Me (Gecko's Urban Mix)
03 Do You Really Want Me (Mad Love Mix)
04 Do You Really Want Me (QD3 Edit)
05 Do You Really Want Me (Single Edit)
06 Do You Really Want Me (Smooth Butter Mix)
07 Do You Really Want Me (So Groovy Mix)

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Robyn | Don't Stop The Music (Single)

The second single from the album of the same name, Don't Stop The Music was released in 2002, and reached #7 on the Swedish charts. It's a catchy, upbeat number with a killer hook, and still gets plenty of airplay even today. It was later covered by Swedish girlband Play, whose version was released in the US via Disney, however, their version failed to chart in Sweden.

01 Don't Stop The Music (Main Mix)
02 Don't Stop The Music (Cherno Jan Remix)
03 Don't Stop The Music (Rigo Panez Remix)
04 Don't Stop The Music (Twin Radio Edit)
05 Don't Stop The Music (Twin Full Vocal 12" Mix)

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Basement Jaxx ft. Robyn | Hey U

Taken from Basement Jaxx's fourth studio album, Crazy Itch Radio, Hey U was rather quietly released in March 2007 as a vinyl and download-only single. Hey U was only credited to Basement Jaxx, in line with the other singles from Crazy Itch Radio, even though it is Robyn providing the lead vocals for the track. The release did not feature the original mix of the track either, but it is included in this package.

01 Hey U
02 Hey U (High Contrast Remix)
03 Hey U (Jax Accordian Mix)
04 Hey U (Switch & Sinden Remix)

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Robyn | Handle Me

Handle Me was originally released as a promo-only single in Sweden in 2005, with a low-budget video of Robyn outside a club with a group of friends. However, as with With Every Heartbeat, it recieved a fresh video and a brand new remix package for a UK release in the autumn of 2007, though it only manage to reach #17 on the UK singles chart. The package presented here contains all released remixes of Handle Me.

01 Handle Me (Original Radio Edit)
02 Handle Me (Soul Seekerz Extended Mix)
03 Handle Me (Soul Seekerz Dirty Dub)
04 Handle Me (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit)
05 Handle Me (Williams Dub)
06 Handle Me (Williams Vocal Mix)
07 Handle Me (OrtzRoka Death To Disco Dub)
08 Handle Me (Chewychocolatecookies Psycho Freakin' Dub Mix)
09 Handle Me (Björn Remix)
10 Handle Me (Chewychocolatechipcookies Club)
11 Handle Me (Voodoo & Serano Remix)
12 Handle Me (Chopstick John Remix)

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Robyn | Robyn

After several fall-outs with her record label, Robyn decided she would go it alone, and formed Konichiwa Records, her own independent label in 2005. Robyn featured collaborations with The Knife, Teddybears Sthlm and Alexander Kronlund, and proved to be her most successful album so far, reaching #1 on the Swedish album charts, and showering Robyn with awards, not least three Swedish Grammis, for best pop female, best album and best writer. In 2007, a revised edition of the Robyn album was released in the UK, which included new tracks Cobrastyle (a cover of the Teddybears Sthlm track), Konichiwa Bitches and With Every Heartbeat alongside updated versions of Robotboy and Bum Like You. The album presented here is the UK release.
Contains the singles With Every Heartbeat, Konichiwa Bitches, Be Mine!, Handle Me and Who's That Girl.

01 Curriculum Vitae
02 Konichiwa Bitches
03 Cobrastyle
04 Handle Me
05 Bum Like You (2007)
06 Be Mine!
07 With Every Heartbeat (with Kleerup)
08 Who's That Girl
09 Bionic Woman
10 Crash And Burn Girl
11 Robotboy (2007)
12 Eclipse
13 Should Have Known
14 Any Time You Like

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Robyn | Don't Stop The Music

After the fall-out with RCA, Robyn moved over to Jive, another label belonging to music giant BMG. Don't Stop The Music has, in general, a more upbeat poppy sound than My Truth, but that's not to say it doesn't have its moody moments! The album was set for a pan-European release, but in the end, only the singles made it. Don't Stop The Music is still only available in Sweden, where it reached #2. Understandably, Robyn was a little cheesed off that this had happened once again, and began plans for a complete termination of her record contract.
Features the singles Keep This Fire Burning (later covered by UK soul star Beverley Knight) and Don't Stop The Music (covered by Swedish gir-group Play) and O Baby, and it also includes the original version of Should Have Known, which made it onto the Robyn album in a slightly revised version.

01 Keep This Fire Burning
02 Don't Stop The Music
03 O Baby
04 Blow My Mind
05 Should Have Known
06 Moonlight
07 Breakdown Intermission
08 Ain't No Thing
09 Big City
10 Psycho
11 Still Your Girl/Regntunga Skyar (Hidden Track)

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Robyn | My Truth

For her second album, My Truth, Robyn went for a more intimate and 'grown-up' sound, which was praised by critics and fans alike, reaching the #2 spot on the Swedish album charts. My Truth is intensely autobiographical, hence the title. The tracks Universal Woman and Giving You Back handle the emotive subject of Robyn's secret abortion in her teens. The planned US release of the album ended up in a bit of a catfight - RCA had explicitly mentioned that they planned to release My Truth in the US, but after the album's release in Sweden, they felt the USA would not be receptive to Robyn's new sound. RCA and their American counterpart then discussed re-recording several of the tracks to give them more of a US radio-friendly feel. Robyn herself was not comfortable with this idea, and so the album was never released outside of Europe, this débacle also ended up with Robyn leaving RCA.
Features the singles Electric, Play, My Only Reason and Main Thing.

01 Play
02 My Only Reason
03 Underneath The Heart
04 Electric
05 My Truth
06 Main Thing
07 Healthy Love
08 Monday Morning
09 Giving You Back
10 88 Days
11 Long Gone
12 Not On The Inside
13 Universal Woman

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Robyn | Robyn Is Here

Robyn Is Here was Robyn's début album, and was released in 1995 in Sweden, and then 1997 in the US with a slightly altered tracklisting. The album achieved platinum status in the US, and spent 41 weeks on the chart in Sweden. Contains the hit singles Show Me Love, Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect), Do You Know (What It Takes) and début single You've Got That Somethin'.

01 Bumpy Ride
02 In My Heart
03 You've Got That Somethin'
04 Do You Know (What It Takes)
05 The Last Time
06 Show Me Love
07 Just Another Girlfriend
08 Don't Want You Back
09 Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect)
10 How
11 Here We Go
12 Robyn Is Here
13 I Wish (A Capella)

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This week's featured artist...

Robyn is here! Let's face it, it was only a matter of time before a Robyn special here on S-Pop! One of Sweden's most popular pop-exports, Robyn has been around for 14 years! Doesn't seem that long, does it? After a relatively quiet entry on to the Swedish pop scene, Robyn's international breakthrough came in 1997 with the track Show Me Love, which was used as the theme to Lukas Moodysson's 1998 film of the same name. Robyn has since worked with Max Martin, Klas Åhlund of Teddybears Sthlm, Basement Jaxx, Petter, The Knife and, perhaps most famously, Kleerup, with whom she recorded the 2007 superhit With Every Heartbeat.
So, let's celebrate one of Sweden's coolest pop princesses!


Stonebridge | Can't Get Enough

So, after a little detour into the rockier direction, here's a bit of dance-oriented S-Pop for your enjoyment! Stonebridge has remixed and produced tracks for some of the world's biggest artists, but here he's flying solo... Actually, it's not really that solo since the album is packed with collaborations from Drömhus' former frontwoman Therèse to house-diva Ultra Naté. A perfect album for when you're in the mood to party!

01 Can't Get Enough (ft. Charlie King)
02 Give A Little (ft. Rita Campbell)
03 Put 'Em High (ft. Therèse)
04 Once In A Lifetime (ft. Da Yeene)
05 Show You How (ft. Julie Morrison & Jay Soul)
06 Freak On (ft. Ultra Naté)
07 A Little Bit Crazy (ft. Stella)
08 Deeper Love (ft. David Gordon)
09 Desire (ft. Bonnie Bailey)
10 Take Me Away (ft. Therèse)
11 Chlorophilla (Put A Little Love) (ft. Isobel Fructuoso)
12 Gotta Give It Up (ft. Henry Thomas)
13 Let's Loze It (ft. Jay Soul)
14 What A Day (ft. Chris Coco & Da Yeene)
15 60 Seconds

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The Ark | Prayer For The Weekend

Time for a bit of local flavour now, courtesy of Växjö's very own The Ark! After having won Melodifestivalen last year, The Ark are currently taking a break, and front man Ola Salo and his shiny chest are appearing in the Swedish production of Jesus Christ Superstar. But between flashing his nipples all over Europe and playing Jesus, he found time to get together with the rest of the band and record the fantastic Prayer For The Weekend. The album is a strong mix of Glam-pop-rock stompers and more laid-back tracks reminiscent of their earlier releases.
Contains the Melodifestivalen winner and Eurovision entry The Worrying Kind, along with singles Absolutely No Decorum, Prayer For The Weekend and Little Dysfunk You. Also, check out the surreal video to The Worrying Kind!

01 Prayer For The Weekend
02 The Worrying Kind
03 Absolutely No Decorum
04 Little Dysfunk You
05 New Pollution
06 Thorazine Corazón
07 I Pathologize
08 Death To The Martyrs
09 All I Want Is You
10 Gimme Love To Give
11 Uriel

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The Cardigans | The Other Side Of The Moon

Back with a little more Cardigans for you all! This time it's the rare Japanese release The Other Side Of The Moon, a collection of rare tracks and b-sides from Emmerdale to First Band On The Moon. Features the band's fantastic cover version of The Boys Are Back In Town, Cocktail Party, Bloody Cocktail Party - a cool 15 minute piano medley of Cardigans tracks, as well as demo versions of Losers, War and Iron Man.

01 War (First Try)
02 I Figured Out
03 Plain Parade
04 Laika
05 Pooh Song
06 Mr. Crowley
07 Emmerdale
08 The Boys Are Back In Town
09 Carnival (Puck Version)
10 Nasty Sunny Beam
11 Iron Man (First Try)
12 Blah Blah Blah
13 Losers (First Try)
14 Country Hell
15 After All
16 Cocktail Party Bloody Cocktail Party

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Carola | Främling 25 År

She may have crashed and burned in last Saturday's Melodifestivalen, but she remains Sweden's best-selling female, with an impeccable Schlager-pedigree! Främling 25 År celebrates 25 years since the release of Carola's début album, and her first win in Melodifestivalen! In addition to being digitally remastered, it is packed full of bonus tracks, many of which have never been released on CD before, as well as all of her MF/Eurovision entries, in both Swedish and English. Oh, and the rather bizarre 4-language version of Främling!

Disc I:
01 Främling
02 Säg Mig Var Du Står
03 Benjamin
04 Gör Det Någonting
05 Gloria
06 You Bring Out The Best In Me
07 Mickey
08 Se På Mig
09 Liv
10 Visa Lite Mänsklighet
11 Fjortonde Maj
12 Du Försvinner I Natten
13 Främling/Je Ogen Hebben Geen Geheimen/Love Isn't Love/Fremder
14 Mitt I Ett Äventyr
15 Fångad Av En Stormvind
16 Evighet

Disc II:
01 Sometimes When We Touch
02 Om Du Törs
03 Butterfly
04 Säg Mig Var Du Står
05 Albatross
06 Hunger
07 Tokyo
08 Du Lever Inom Mej
09 I En Sommarnatt
10 Let There Be Love
11 Gospel Medley (Live)
12 Elvis Medley (Live)
13 What A Feeling... Flashdance (Live)
14 Fame (Live)
15 Love Isn't Love
16 You Are My Destiny
17 Captured By A Lovestorm
18 Invincible

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Neneh Cherry & Youssou N'Dour | 7 Seconds

'7 Seconds is about the first positive 7 seconds in the life of a child just born not knowing about the problems and violence in our world.' - Neneh Cherry
The anti-racism duet with Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour is Neneh's biggest hit yet, reaching top 5 in virtually every European country, and holding the number one spot in France for 17 weeks, where it sold over 3 million copies! It was also nominated for a Grammy award in the US.

01 7 Seconds (Radio Version)
02 7 Seconds (LP Version)
03 7 Seconds (New Old Mix)
04 7 Seconds (Dub Mix)
05 7 Seconds (Hip Hop Mix)

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Neneh Cherry | Man

Man was Neneh's 3rd studio album, released in 1996, and is her last solo album to date, though there has been talk of a new album being released mid-2008 - fingers crossed! The album has more of a trip-hop, laid-back feel to it than Raw Like Sushi and Homebrew. The album features the singles Woman, a new take on James Brown's hit It's A Man's Man's Man's World, Kootchi and the world-wide superhit 7 Seconds with Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour.

01 Woman
02 Feel It
03 Hornbeam
04 Trouble Man
05 Golden Ring
06 7 Seconds
07 Kootchi
08 Bestiality
09 Carry Me
10 Together Now
11 Everything

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Neneh Cherry | Homebrew

Neneh's second studio album, Homebrew, was released in 1992, and saw her return to the small Swedish town of Hässleholm where she grew up, Neneh's childhood home is even featured in the album artwork. It featured the singles Buddy X and Trout, which featured R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe.

01 Sassy (ft. Guru)
02 Money Love (ft. J$)
03 Move With Me
04 I Ain't Gone Under Yet
05 Twisted
06 Buddy X
07 Somedays
08 Trout (ft. Michael Stipe)
09 Peace In Mind
10 Red Paint (Inspired by Moki Cherry)

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And S-Pop's first featured artist is...

Neneh Cherry! Born in Stockholm and raised in Hässleholm, Skåne, Neneh Cherry has had a hugely successful and diverse music career, from the Malcolm McLaren-sampling Buffalo Stance, to the anti-racism anthem 7 Seconds. But of course, her biggest honour yet is being awarded the title of 'featured artist' on this very blog! (Well... maybe...)
So here it comes, more Neneh Cherry than you can shake a stick at! Though quite why you'd want to shake a stick at poor Neneh is beyond me.


Sanna Nielsen | Empty Room | Live Video

I know it's not a music download, which I apologise for, but I really wanted to share this with you all! Here's hoping she wins!


Sanna Nielsen | Sanna 11-22

First of all, WELL DONE SANNA! In tonight's Melodifestivalen, Sanna blew away the competition with an amazing performance of the ballad Empty Room, which goes straight to the final, and, I think, has a very good chance of winning the whole thing!
Unfortunately, the new track is not available yet, due to Melodifestivalen rules, so instead, we can celebrate her victory with the album Sanna 11-22, a best-of-so-far collection which was released last year (so called because she started releasing music age 11, and was 22 when the album came out, imaginitive, eh?). The album contains no less than FOUR Melodifestivalen entries, including the duet Du Och Jag Mot Världen, with Fredrik Kempe, who, despite being afflicted with plasticine-face, has a pretty good set of pipes on him!

01 Vågar Du, Vågar Jag
02 Surrender
03 Loneliness
04 Nära Mig
05 Rör Vid Min Själ
06 Koppangen
07 Du Och Jag Mot Världen (ft. Fredrik Kempe)
08 Där Bor En Sång
09 Igår Idag
10 Time To Say Goodbye
11 Till En Ängel
12 En Gång När Jag Blir Stor
13 Anglafin

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The Cardigans | Live In Kyiv

Ahhh... you can't really get more Swedish than the Cardigans, unless you make some kind of monster containing parts of IKEA, ABBA, Volvo and feed it meatballs.
Anyhoo, this is not actually an official release as a whole, but the Live In Kyiv tracks have been released on various singles, bonuses and what have you, but here they're presented in one neat little EP! Enjoy!

01 Paralyzed
02 Hanging Around
03 Higher
04 My Favourite Game
05 Explode

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BWO | Give Me The Night

Give Me The Night is BWO at their finest. An engergetic, carefree slice of pop perfection. If this doesn't put a smile on your face, you've been overfeeding your inner Emo. Check out the bonkers video too! Some bloody good remixes on this single too - check out the well-crafted extended mix by 2N Productions, and an unusually good set of mixes from Soundfactory!

01 Give Me The Night (Radio Edit)
02 Give Me The Night (SoundFactory Radio Mix)
03 Give Me The Night (Ali Payami Remix)
04 Give Me The Night (2N Productions Extended Mix)
05 Give Me The Night (SoundFactory Electric Club Mix)
06 Give Me The Night (SoundFactory Dubstramental)
07 Give Me The Night (Credheadz Remix)

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Lena Philipsson | Jag Ångrar Ingenting

From a Schlagerprincess to a real Schlagerqueen! Lena Philipsson started out in 1984, and is one of Sweden's most poplular artists! Jag Ångrar Ingenting was her second album produced by Tomas "Orup" Eriksson, with whom she is currently performing in Gothenburg! If you like up-beat, melody-driven pop, then this is definitely worth a look! Lena's cheeky personality shines through in both the brilliant lyrics and sultry delivery, which combined with Orup's songwriting skills and technical knowhow make this album a personal favourite of mine!

01 Jag Ångrar Ingenting
02 Unga Pojkar & Äldre Män
03 Han Jobbar I Affär
04 Dom Bjuder På Champagne
05 Jag Sover Hellre Ensam
06 Du Ringer Bara Mej När Du Är Full
07 Det Ringer På Min Dörr
08 Den Högste
09 Någon Annanstans
10 Du Kan Får Mej När Du Vill

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Linda Bengtzing | Ingenting Att Förlora

Presenting the début album from Schlagerprincess Linda Bengtzing! If you overlook the fact that her surname sounds like the main ingredient of petrol and that she's wearing a dress with Iron Maiden on, you will find an album full of well-polished, catchy schlagerpop, including the brilliant Jag Ljuger Så Bra, which reached the final of Melodifestivalen 2006! Linda returns to MF again this year, so let's see if she can pull it off again!

01 Ingenting Att Förlora
02 Jag Ljuger Så Bra
03 Kan Du Se
04 Himlen Är Du
05 Medan Du Sov
06 Alla Flickor
07 Han Är Min
08 Ett Ögonblick
09 Vad Hände Sen
10 Diamanter
11 Vem
12 Nu Kommer Jag Tillbaka
13 Ingenting Är Större

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Ola | Natalie

Ola took a break this summer from his usual job of making pre-teen girls all hot and bothered, and decided to actually make a decent song! Natalie is catchy as hell, and proves it's not just the Swedish ladies who can pull it off!

01 Natalie (Radio Version)
02 Natalie (Stockholm-Uppsala Remix Radio Version)
03 Natalie (Stockholm-Uppsala Remix Extended Version)

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Robyn | Be Mine!

Despite her hair and eyebrows, Robyn is a bloody good singer, and this cracking little single proves it! It came out here in Sweden a couple of years ago, but recently got a new lease of life in the UK market, with a new video and a host of new remixes! With excellent lyrics and a strong melody, Be Mine! is S-Pop at its finest!

01 Be Mine! (Roger Sanchez Mix)
02 Be Mine! (Redroche Vocal Mix)
03 Be Mine! (Ocelot Mthrfckrs Remix)
04 Be Mine! (Wasted Youth Mix)
05 Be Mine! (Dusty Kid In The Tunnels Vocal Remix)
06 Be Mine! (Meat Boys Remix)
07 Be Mine! (Jori Hulkkonen Vocal Mix)

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Neneh Cherry | Raw Like Sushi

Time for a step back in time! Neneh Cherry's début album was released in 1989, and became a big success not just in Sweden, but in the UK, US, Netherlands and several other countries! Neneh's unique blend of hip-hop and pop sensibilities made for a truly original and downright funky album! On Raw Like Sushi she collaborated with Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja and Andrew Vowels as well as her husband Cameron "Booga Bear" McVey!

01 Buffalo Stance
02 Manchild
03 Kisses On The Wind
04 Inna City Mamma
05 Love Ghetto
06 Heart
07 Phoney Ladies
08 Outré Risqué Locomotive
09 So Here I Come
10 My Bitch
11 Heart (It's A Demo)
12 Buffalo Stance (Sukka Mix)
13 Manchild (The Old School Mix)

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Alcazar | We Keep On Rockin'

YES! They're BACK!... sort of. Alcazar may be back with a killer new single, but it's not quite the Alcazar we're used to... Magnus and the rather fabulous Annikafiore unfortunately decided not to take part in the reunion, so Andreas and Tess are joined by newcomer Lina Hedlund. However, We Keep On Rockin' is classic Alcazar - a shamelessly camp slice of pop, with a catchy hook and sing-along chorus!

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Password: Sweden

Johnson & Häggkvist

Melodifestivalen begins tonight, and the whole country has gone schlager-crazy! One of the biggest acts participating this year is the newly formed superduo Johnson & Häggkvist, made up of Schlagerqueen Carola and the charming, though slightly greasy Andreas Johnson. Here for your listening delight is their first single, released a couple of weeks ago as a download-only single. Hope you enjoy it!

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Amanda Jenssen | Do You Love Me?

Time for a bit of Idol now... Though with this cracking début, Ms. Jenssen proves she's far from the usual bland Idol fodder. How she came second to Marie 'Named After My Dog' Picasso is one of life's great mysteries! This catchy track suits Amanda's unique voice well... Think Amy Winehouse without the drugs, awful hair and criminal husband!

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Vacuum | The Plutonium Cathedral

Ever wondered what pop-genius and all-round nutter Alexander Bard was doing between Army Of Lovers and BWO?
Well, apart from being the brains behind Alcazar, he was also in a rather cool, but lesser-known band called Vacuum, with Marina Schiptjenko (yes, she who stands in the background and twiddles her knobs in BWO videos), Mattias Lindblom and Anders Wolbeck (the latter pair now having formed a songwriting team also called Vacuum!).

So here, for your listening pleasure is their first album, the Plutonium Cathedral, from 1997 - A fantastic example of late-ninties' Swedish synth pop!

01 Parallel Universe
02 I Breathe
03 Pride In My Religion
04 Science Of The Sacred
05 Rise And Shine Olympia
06 Atlas Shrugged
07 Illuminati
08 Woman Named America
09 Prussia
10 The Shape Of Things To Come
11 Sign On The Skyline
12 Tin Soldiers
13 Closer Than The Holy Ghost

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