The Attic | Destiny

Destiny was the first commercial release by The Attic, in late 2003. Unfortunately, the track failed to chart, but its pop-house tendencies and sheer danceability made it a big hit on Sweden's club scene.
Contains remixes by Axwell and Laid

01 Destiny (Radio Version)
02 Destiny (Original Version)
03 Destiny (Axwell Remix)
04 Destiny (Laid Remix)

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The Attic ft. Therèse | The Arrival

The Attic's first entry into Melodifestivalen, The Arrival was a duet with former Drömhus lead singer and Stonebridge collaborator Therèse Grankvist. Sadly, the song came 7th in the qualifiying round in Önsköldsvik, and was out of the contest. Despite that, it recieved a high amount of airplay, and became the Attic's most popular track to date!

01 The Arrival
02 The Arrival (Extended)
03 The Arrival (Dub Mix)

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Veronica Maggio | Måndagsbarn

It's not just Kleerup who's back on the scene... Veronica Maggio has just released the first single from her new album Och Vinnaren Är... The single is called Måndagsbarn and has the same nonchalant vocals and simple but effective production that made Dumpa Mig and Nöjd? so popular in 2006.

01 Måndagsbarn
02 Måndagsbarn (Instrumental Version)
03 Måndagsbarn (Acapella Version)

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The Attic | The Festival Theme

The Festival Theme is without a doubt The Attic's most well known track, even though most people probably don't realise it. The very imaginitively titled The Festival Theme is the current Melodifestivalen theme tune, and has been for some years now. The track never got a proper commercial release, and is only available as a digital download.

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The Attic | It's Beautiful

It's Beautiful was the last single to be released from Remeber Tomorrow, in May of 2007. The single only managed number 57 on the singles chart. The single featured only remixes by the Attic themselves, and as individuals.

01 It's Beautiful
02 It's Beautiful (The Attic Remix Radio Edit)
03 It's Beautiful (The Attic Remix)
04 It's Beautiful (Michael Feiner Remix)
05 It's Beautiful (Eric Amarillo Remix)

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The Attic | Remember Tomorrow

Following their participation in Melodifestivalen which generated much more interest in the group, the Attic boys released the album Remember Tomorrow. The album is basically a re-release of The One with some new songs added, and some old ones taken away. Included are two tracks with Stonebrige-collaborator and solo singer Therèse Grankvist, one of them being the group's Melodifestivalen entry. The album also features new collaborations with Jennie-Ann Smith.
Contains the singles It's Beautiful, In Your Eyes, The Arrival, Remember Tomorrow, Destiny and I Just Can't Help It.

01 It's Beautiful
02 In Your Eyes
03 The Arrival (ft. Therèse)
04 Minute After Minute
05 Remember Tomorrow
06 Ticket To Love (ft. Jennie-Anne Smith)
07 A Life To Live
08 Sail Away
09 Don't You Know Me? (ft. Therèse)
10 Catch Me When I Fall For You
11 The One
12 Don't Turn Your Back On Me (ft. Jennie-Anne Smith)
13 I Just Can't Help It
14 Destiny

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The Attic | The One

The Attic's début album The One was finally released in September 2006, after a few years of one-off singles and remixes for other people. The album failed to impact on the Swedish charts, but managed to generate a very positive buzz around the band.
Contains the singles Destiny, In Your Eyes, It's Beautiful and I Just Can't Help It. Also, the track A Life To Live was released as a single in Poland.

01 Destiny
02 A Life To Live
03 In Your Eyes
04 It's Beautiful
05 On And On
06 Even If It Hurts Me
07 Catch Me When I Fall For You
08 The One
09 I Just Can't Help It
10 Petite Difference
11 U.N.I. (ft. Katherine Ellis)
12 Minute After Minute
13 Can You Hear Me?
14 In Your Eyes (Ballad Version)

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